The challenges of the festive season?

“Tis the season to be jolly”

Socialising, eating, drinking and being merry with family and friends in cosy, sparkly and fun filled environments-

or so we hope!


Christmas bring lots of expectations of ourselves and others, to have a good time and for everything to be christmas advert perfect!

With family members absent, or living away, financial constraints, seperated parents, relationship challenges, physical illness and mental health issues, let alone the family dynamics when getting together, the reality can be very different.

So prepare for the onslaught to keep yourself positive through this holiday period.

Help others or ask for support as this may:-

prevent you from feeling too fraught in the days beforehand – so have the food menu and present list organised well in advance, if you are hosting, liaise with the other attendees for ideas to contribute to the smooth running of the celebration days

or ask what your host would like you to bring, prepare or contribute if you are lucky enough to be sharing with others, so you feel involved too

keep things simple – focus on what is important – spending some quality time with family and friends in convivial surroundings

ask someone you know is alone at Christmas to share some celebration with your group

volunteer some time or money for the charities supporting the most vulnerable at this time of year

giving more than you take will boost your sense of wellbeing .

Focus on gratitude!

For many people it is possible to pace and plan for, but for some the additional challenges at Christmas time make this much more difficult.

Mental illnesses such as anxiety or health issues worsenned by overeating and excessive drinking can be difficult to manage during the festivities.

Consider what you would want to achieve with these challenges if you funtionned at your best?

Again planning beforehand can be useful.

To access resources which could help you to manage these feelings and anxieties in the coming weeks, input from a Hypnotherapist may be a consideration?

Strategies which support you to access your resources at crucial moments, may be a bonus.

This may not be possible this year but be aware these tools are available for you to access in the future…….

Have as positive a festive period as possible!

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